Multichain NFT based Event Management and Ticketing Platform is here

Multichain NFT based Event Management and Ticketing Platform is here

Do you require an easy to use NFT ticket issuing platform, Its here!!!


Now a days as web3 is progressing and there is a demand for NFT's, a multichain event management and event nft ticketing platform is need of an hour. Its very difficult for organisers to issue NFT tickets as they have to use some minter tools to do so and also to issue poap they need to understand it and then issue separately. To solve all these issue eventonchain is built. The idea is a user can come on the platform and login with email or metamask. With just few clicks they can create events which will be stored on blockchain and people can mint tickets on the platform by paying fee in very easy to use manner. The organiser can checkIn users then and can issue poap in one go. The best part is organizers can choose which blockchain(Polygon or Gnosis or Cronos) to mint tickets so that the gas cost doesn't bother them. The UI is made so simple that switching of chains to buy multichain nfts is made so easy and seamless that user doesn't need to understand any technicalities of them.

How it Works

A user can come on platform and login with email or with his/her wallet. If he logins with only email and otp then we create a a multichain platform managed account for him. Then user can create events, mint ticket nfts , organizer can checkin user and user can burn tickets to get the value and buy new tickets with it. All the tickets have some value and they can showcase it to the world. There are many other feature like stripe and crypto wallet payment system. The amount of ticket is sent to smart contract and can be withdrawn only after event is ended. The organiser can choose blockchain of his/her choice for nft's.

Features Available on the platform

  • One click event creation and payments
  • Multichain support
  • NFT tickets minting in one click
  • NFT tickets has some burn value, Making them valuable to buy other tickets
  • Minting List and Participants Page
  • Checking In users and issue poops in one click over blockchain
  • Personalised NFT Tickets Dashboard
  • Fiat Payment Available
  • No wallet creation needed for people having no knowledge of web3

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Frontend and Backend:

The frontend is built using HTML/CSS/Bootstrap/ and ejs template engine. The Backend is developed using NodeJs.


Smart contracts are developed for creation, minting and payments of Event Pass NFTs. The pass image and metadata is stored on IPFS network using pinata pinning service. Metamask wallet is used for user interaction. Smart Contracts are deployed on Gnosis, Polygon and Cronos Chain.


The database used here is PlanetScale. Its a sql based server less database. Initially I had thought of using NoSql but when I got to know about Planetscale it was just awesome. My speed of database queries increased when I used planetscale and seeing a SQL based database so easy to deploy,setup and manage was a super awesome thing for my platform.

To connect to Planetscale I am using sequelize .Its orm for sql based database. Though it doesn't officially support planetscale yet but still it doesn't take a lot of time to use it with planetscale.

Screenshot from 2022-08-01 01-33-55.png Screenshot from 2022-08-01 01-33-19.png

Deployed Contract Address

Polygon Testnet : 0xC69a53EBa1e1F9E2f1D08390ae05122185892B4F

Gnosis Mainnet : 0x8F4a3263619a0Ab01c24799e1beEBe1851FF9209

Cronos Testnet : 0xC69a53EBa1e1F9E2f1D08390ae05122185892B4F

Challenges we ran into

  • Blockchain and database sync-up
  • Multichain support for platform. Implementing this was hard task

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I have almost completed my project which I was looking to build and put into the market. I think I am now close to launch it soon on these chains. Just need support from you all.

What we learned

All about the different networks and such awesome planetscale database

What's next for EventOnChain

  • Going live in next 15-30 days
  • Adding more functionalities like rsvp, transferable nfts, etc.
  • A bridge to swap tickets on chain


Demo Video :

Live URL:

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